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TLI, for me, was more than a simple school! Here, I had the opportunity to learn much more than English, I learned about life! I could improve my English, learning a lot of vocabulary that made me more comfortable having conversations with natives. I took 4 months in ELS’s class, and 2 months in TOEFL’s class and pronunciation class during all these time. It was really amazing and useful for me. Here, teachers are friendly, and they are not just worried about English’s stuff, they are worried about student’s life. They want to be helpful and supportive. Furthermore, their classes are also really fun, interesting, and really good, because they are so prepared and knowledgeable. In TLI, I also made friends that I won’t forget at all!!! People that I will take in my heart forever!!! I don’t have words to say, how much TLI meant. For me, all my moments as a TLI’s student were an unforgettable experience that will be great useful during all my life. There is no doubt that TLI is an excellent place to learn English!!!

Updated 01/08/2010: I just want tell that I got an internship in Brazil in a big company. I had many interviews and my English was really useful. Actually, I could not have this internship without TLI´s English course, My boss told me that my English was the differential point. So, thank you one more time.

Have you ever asked yourself where to improve your English or even pick up a new language? If so, TLI is the right place. My name is Anne. I am an international student from Germany (Berlin) and I want to tell you something about my experience at the Language Institute in Pasadena. TLI offers diverse programs, experienced teachers and a good ambience.
I attended the Intensive English Program and the Conversation Class for three months. I really liked the courses because I brushed up my knowledge in grammar and learned many new vocabularies. Furthermore, I got to know different people from all over the world and learned much about different cultures.
Second, I recommend going to TLI because of the teachers. They are very experienced and friendly. They spread a very nice atmosphere in the classrooms and are available whenever you need them. One teacher also offers a “Conversation Club” after school where we met us to improve our English outside the classroom. That was really fun as well.
Eventually, I like to say that I really enjoyed classes at TLI and I got to know a lot of different and interesting people. It was easy to become acquainted really fast due to the atmosphere in class. Moreover, Pasadena is a nice place to enjoy extracurricular things and offers lots of opportunities. All in all, thank you TLI.
I have studied at the Language Institute for three months in an TOEFL iBT class. I am very satisfied with this experience for many reasons.
First, TLI staff is very nice and helpful. They made the school feels like a big family since the first day... the class is not so big but it feels very welcoming and very important is there are sufficient computers for students to practice...this place give me opportunity to meet a lot of people, particularly students come from different countries. I could study and prepare for TOEFL iBT exam, and at the same time widen my knowledge about different cultures.
My teacher is very competent and helpful. I have had a nice time and useful time here and I want to suggest this kind of experience to everyone.
To me The Language Institute is not just a very good school...it is much more than that. You study among students from everywhere around the world. Whereas you can quickly improve your English, you also can learn about cultural differences, which is invaluable for someone like me who expects to work in the international context. The classes are not too big so the teachers can pay a personal attention to you. I attended TOEFL preparation class for one month and I've made great friendships with other students. I am going back to Europe with a cracking good time behind me!

I have already spent almost 10 months at TLI. During those days I learned a lot of English and other cultures. My teachers are nice and friendly. I had a lot of fun spending time with teachers and friends. I really enjoyed everything we have done together and I have happy memories about those things. I just feel like I have finally overcome difficulties living in the U.S. but time just went by so fast. It is time for me to go back to my home country. I will never forget everyone I met at TLI and I hope to see everybody again soon.

When I first arrived in the United States, I was so afraid. I didn't know anybody and especially I couldn't speak English well. I wanted to learn English so I went to several schools but I ended up at TLI. It was a good choice. Teachers are very good and they are so kind. All the students are so friendly. It is like family atmosphere. I had chance to speak English with my teachers and classmates a lot. Too bad, time has passed by so quickly. I have to go home but I will never forget TLI.
I enjoy my time at The Language Institute very much. I like the friendly atmosphere here; school staff are nice. All the teachers are very kind and helpful. Our classes are small but fun. I enjoy the fact that I have met a lot of new people, learned a lot about different cultures, and improved my English skills here. I also really like the field trips because I had a lot of fun and I had opportunity to meet new friends outside of my class too. It is a great experience for me.

I was very nervous the first time I arrived at The Language Institute. I am now very comfortable with the school because the teachers are very nice; classes and lessons are easy to understand and they are fun. I learned a lot from my classes. I met a lot of people from different countries too. I want to come back and study at The Language Institute again next time I am in the United States.


I have been at The Language Institue for a month. I did not think that I could speak English when I first came to the United States. But I am learning and getting better now. All the teachers teach well. Classes are helpful. Teachers encourage students to practice English in classrooms. I am not afraid to speak English to anyone now. Bill Ambrose, my pronunciation teacher is very helpful. He helps me correct my pronunciation. Also, he has a sence of humor which always makes everyone laugh. Office staff is very nice to students. If I had problem, they were willing to help. And everyone else at the school is friendly. I have made some new friends. I have a very happy memory about this school.


I was worried about speaking English with foreigners when I first came to the United States. Fortunately, everyone at the institute helped me feel comfortable. The staff and teachers of TLI are very kind and warm-hearted. Because of them my English skills has improved a lot during four months I studied English at The Language Institute. I have more confidence in speaking English than before. I'd like to make a special thank to my conversation teacher, Mr. Bill Ambrose. I really enjoyed my study and I will miss everyone at TLI.


The teachers at The Language Institute are good. The classes are helpful for people who want to learn English. For me, I had a chance to review and complete my English knowledge. One thing I like the most about studying at The Language Institute is I met a lot of friends who came from different countries and cultures. I am really happy about that. I also learn a lot about the United States: cultures and lifestyles.


I really enjoy school. My conversation class is very good and fun. We talked about a lot of topics and discussed about different point of view. I also like housing and my host family is very nice to me. School staff is also very nice. Everyone is always ready to help me. I will miss everybody at The Language Institute.


...when I searched for a language school I was considering three things: accessibility - location of school..., teachers and school staff should be patience and good at making students comfortable, and finally, school fee. When I found several schools I didn't want to call them so I sent email to those schools. (If I could talk on the phone, I would't need to go to ESL class.) TLI was the first school to respond Even though it was a short message but I can find plenty of gentle words in it. That was the most important reason I chose TLI. School fee is not very cheap but I can say it paid off. I had learned English in very cheap ESLschool before, but I was not satisfied with it. I was completely scared on the first day of my class but my teacher was very open minded,and he was very patient to listen to me and the other students. Students in my class are from all over the world, we sometimes said our class was like United Nations. We could share our experience, thinking based on our character or our mother countries, and discuss various topics in English. So I enjoyed and looked forward to the class everyday. I really miss my class and definitely want to learn English at TLI again. l want to finish with these words which my teacher first said to me. 'The most important thing to improve English is to have confidence'. Well, I'm sure I've gained my confidence at TLI.

Studying at The Language Institute was a great experience for me. I met a lot of people from different countries and I really improved my English. The staff and teachers are really kind and that made me eager to come to school everyday. I was a real pleasure to study English at TLI.
After having studied English at another school in the US, I came to TLI and I am so happy to have chosen this school. I attended the conversation class for 5 months. I got comfortable and fluent speaking English in an enjoyable way. We had so many funny moments and we laughed a lot. We could decide ourselves what we want to talk about during the lessons by choosing topics we like. In my class were students from all over the world, what made it really interesting. I could broaden my knowledge about other countries and cultures and most important, I made new friends! My teacher was sensational.I felt very comfortable at this school because it was not a usual school atmosphere, but like a big family. The staffs are so friendly and helpful and the school activities they planned were so much fun! I can recommend this school to everyone. It was a great experience for me I won't forget. I want to thank Bill, Elton and Nancy for making my stay at TLI so enjoyable.
I have studied at TLI for six months: the first three months in the ESL class and the second three months in the conversation class. It was a great experience and I could benefit a lot from both classes. I will never forget the time I spent and the people I met here. Every time I had a problem or needed help, the staff and the teachers were there and gave me good advices. Besides improving my English I could learn a lot about different cultures and countries. The staff organized different trips and activities and I always had a great time and fun. To me the school was like a second home/family where all are welcome in this school.
I'm Flavio Guidi. I graduated in october 2008 in marine biology. I have attended TOEFL iBT class at The Language Institute for three months. I can say, of course, it has been a very positive experience.
TLI staff is really helpful and knowledgeable. The teacher explains lessons very well, in a clear and interesting way. I learned a lot from the class. The teacher is also a very nice person!
The staff is also nice. They are always ready to help you in any situation... and can help arrange trips around Southern California. TLI is a big, multiethnic family! I'm so sad that my time at the school has already ended. I will miss everybody at TLI a lot!
I've attended English classes at TLI for nine months and I went through all of the programs they offer. I have to say it's been a delightful experience mostly because of the atmosphere in the school. I've met a lot of very nice people at TLI including teachers, students and office staff. I am going to miss them. Also, my English has progressed dramatically. I recommend TLI for English learning and I will definitely come back to visit this school. It's time for me to leave...and the last thing to say is I thank TLI for making this part of my life SO ENJOYABLE.
It was my first journey all alone, and I was, of course, a little bit afraid. But after a couple of day in California, I felt better thanks to TLI. This school provided a lot of different courses with only one common thing : their great quality. All the teachers, whatever your level could be, will help you as best as they can. Another good point is the incredibly friendly atmosphere of the school. Thanks to the diversity of student, I discovered a lot of new cultures, discussed a lot of different points of view, and of course found a lot of good friends. Each person in school is here for you . As it did for me, the staff will enlight the foggy points of a new system of education, and will give you great advices about American universities. If you ask me what could I say to TLI, it would be thank you so much. If you ask me «  Should I go to TLI ? », i’d say : « You bet ! ».
I have spent one month in Los Angeles and had a pleasure to study at TLI. It was not for a long time, but I really had a lot of fun meeting new friends and learning different cultures. I believe we can be fluent in language if we practice and TLI gave me chance to practice my English a lot. The teachers are really nice and they are very knowledgeable. TLI is definitely a great place to learn English.

Coming to study in the United States was stressful for me. However, the warm welcome from the staff and teachers made my fear disappeared quickly. At The Language Institute every question or problem always has an answer. I am thankful for your help. I'd like to also thank my teacher, Bill Ambrose..."I learn a lot from your class. You always make your class a pleasant and motivating environment for all of us. I believe that is not very easy task because each student has difference in culture and background.


I think I am lucky to study at The Language Institute. I remember before I came to the United States for the first time, I was nervous about speaking English with foreigners and dealing with people from different cultures. However, studying at The Language Institute made me feel comfortable just like I stay in my own country. Everyone is so kind, gentle and helpful. TLI staff and teachers helped me to adapt into my new lifestyle. They made me feel like they are my family. I could not imagine what would happen to me if I did not choose to come to this school. And my friends and classmates are all nice. I am so happy to meet all of them. I will never forget anything about everyone here.


I enjoyed my study at The Language Institute. My class was small and we could learn fast. I could know everybody in the school who came from different countries. Everybody at the school is nice. I like the school activity and it was fun. I like the warm atmosphere the school provides. My classes were interesting and I was happy learning English here. I am a little sad to leave the school as I had a lot of fun and learned a lot of things here.


I studied English at The Language Institute only for a month. Teachers are very good and they are fun. I met a lot of friends from different countries. School staff are friendly. Everybody helped me when I had problem. We had nice field trip and many people joined the trip. It was very interesting. I improved my English a lot during this one month. I will miss everything about this school.


Studying at The Language Institute? All i can say about it is rich & exciting experience for me. Everything in this school encouraged me to learn English and the way which they use is very enjoyable. I didn't learn just a new language but also i learned new cultures from different
nationalities. The atmosphere in the school is familiar and all stuff are so friendly. I won't forget my kind teachers and my nice friend.Iwon't forget the impressive moments which we share it together. I hope that i meet all of you one day and good luck for all.




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